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Yum Yum Favorite Foods

When it comes to food, my kids have differing tastes.  Here's what each of them likes:
Emmuel - 9 y/o - Definitely a vegetable lover especially upo, zucchini, carrots and broccoli.  Chicken? Not so much except fried and barbecue.  Fish? Sometimes, depends on his mood.  Beef? Loves it the way Tito Willy cooks bulalo.  Fruits? bananas and apples.  Milk? Anytime, all the time.  Snacks? Puto and banana cake.

Yuan - 7 y/o - Definitely a meat lover especially chicken.  Any way you cook it - fried, barbecue, adobo or just plain boiled with catsup. Vegetables and fruits? Eats vegetables but not as much as Emmuel.  Likes more fruits like pineapple, banana, apples and watermelon than Emmuel. 

Kristel - 5 y/o - Vegetables? She likes them raw - carrots, cucumber.  Eats broccoli and kangkong.  Fruits? Banana, Watermelon (Pakwan), orange, grapes.  Not so much a meat eater.  Snacks? Puto, palitaw and ginatan bilo-bilo.

Janel - 3 y/o - A yogurt and fruits lover.  All of them do but Janel definitely tops them all. Janel eats most fruits.  Loves spaghetti.  Eats vegetables but I can't tell yet really if she's more of a vegetable or meat eater.  And she likes bubble gum a lot.

Angel - 10 mo/o - Breastmilk - What can I say, mama? Best tasting, just the right temperature and perfect natural bottle.  Likes to eat bread and banana, too.

I hope I can train them to have good habits when it comes to eating.  For helpful resources, I can go to especially this worksheet.