Bible Verse of the Day


Flower Girls

Kristel and Janel were excited.  They were flower girls at a friend's wedding.  The first 3 pictures are their dress rehearsal at home.  Seemed like it was never gonna end.  The 4th is the actual wedding with newly weds Efren and Joy and daddy and Angel. 

By the way, Yuan is also the Bible bearer with Caleb as treasure bearer and Peniel as ring bearer.


Sonic and Friends

Emmuel just like Sonic the Hedgehog and friends that he practiced over and over to be able to draw them.  He searches them in the internet and draws them.  He's really getting better at his drawing skill.  Praise God for the talent!


Kristel's First Drawing

Ito ang unang drawing ni Kristel that to me was really nice for a 3 or 4 year old.  She really practiced a lot just to finally make this drawing.  Like the hair colors?


Say to the Lord I Love You

Finally, somebody was able to upload this video of our kids doing an action song to You Tube.


Emmuel's first artwork - drawing using water color.  He was learning about landscape drawing, foreground and background in his MAPE class.