Bible Verse of the Day


Love You So Much, Jesus

I am cleaning the computer files now because our hard disk is getting full and becoming slower.  In the process, I saw this video of Kristel and Janel singing "Love You So Much, Jesus" last year.  Very cute.  Kristel really loves to sing.  Praise God because she is learning to praise the Lord at an early age.  Praying she will never forget this until she grows old.


Lenten Reflection Poem

Today, Mel's company has sponsored a picnic in the mountains, he he he.  The 2 boys and Kristel went with him.  Sorry for me, no girls / moms allowed daw.  So, we're stuck here at home - Janel, Angel and me.  It's ok.

Today is also Holy Thursday.  Perfect time to reflect on what Jesus had done at the cross for me.
Photo Credit:  Fabio Bertini, Stock.xchng

At the cross pictures of pain and suffering
Jesus endured for you and for me
Wonderful exchange right there took place
Forgiveness of sins by the blood he shed
His life for yours and mine
Why Jesus would you bear the shame?
Oh Lord what great love displayed!